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Research & Development
EVL is a science based company which started off as spin of company from the university and hospital research and development untit, our R&D unit ensure that our products reflect the cutting-edge of ELISA, Rapid test and other new and improved technologies, and allow us to continuously lauch new innovative test. To be able to do this we re-invest 35% of our turnover in R&D projects. We receive the 30-40% grants from Europe, Dutch government, and German government; besides this we receive grnts from pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, Russia and the Netherlands. We have close relationships with leading innovative laboratory and reference laboratories in 18 leading countries of the world. Over the last 30 years we developed immunoassays and components which can be used on several platforms. Our people became known specialist in the diagnostic field and vaccine field, continuously keeping in mind our mission to deliver diagnostic solutions, which contribute to detect, monitor, prevent snd eradicate life-threatening diseases. EVL is capable of producing vaccines and diagnostic tests for new or existing viruses as well as enhancing and improving effectiveness of your own products by analysing and amending adjuvants or making other improvents to your own products on eeither a fee or royalties basis. Over the years we have done extensive work in this field for example the development of tests for African Swine Fever and Cysto Cercosis and we can help you finding new solutions to problems improving your product and quality. EVL can assist you with clinical trials for your products and are available for either one-off or on-going advice when you encounter problems in your products or the production on a joint venture basis of new developments of vaccines adjuvant, tissue culture and in virto cell test development. There is a wide range of vaccines available to commercial cattle farmers in the world to help protect against viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases. The vaccination programme for a particular farm will depend on the class of livestock present, the clinical history of the site and diseases present in the surrounding area. This programme needs to be agree in consulation with the veterinary surgeon responsible for the farm. Vaccines are classed as either live or inactivated with live vaccines usually being given orally (via the drinking water), by spray or by eye drop and inactivated vaccines usually being given by injection. The type of vaccine being given usually determines the route of administration. Maintaining high standardsof animal health and welfare on the farm is essential for establishing consumer confidence, and helping to limit the risk of passing disease to both humans and animals. This advice can be on a retainer, hourly fee or royalty basis thus giving you acces to our experience and knowledge on a flexible basis tailored specifically to your requirements. Our new generation diagnostic test for a range of conditions affecting domestic animals are now available to the veterinary practitioners and clinical laboratories. The product range for this market is futher enhanced by our range of sprays and other innovative quality for cats, dogs, pigions and horses.
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