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About EVL
EVL was founded by leading virologist Prof.Ab Osterhaus, now working for the WHO and the International Influenza Centre and known for identifying both the SARS Corona Virus, Dr.Rob van Herwijnen the remaining EVL founder and Director of EVL, the well known, now retired, Os Jarret and Kees Weijer. Over the years EVL has been at the forefront of development in diagnostics and testing. It has isolated several FIV viruses named Amsterdam 4 to 16 and deposited a number of it’s findings at ATCC. EVL has futher workes on several other isolates and cell-lines. EVL has worked with governments on development of tests such as the EVL test for the African Swine Fever in Russia which was developed at the request of Russia and a test, development for the WHO and the Belgium Government, for Cysto Cercosis which causes illness in humans from consumption of infected pigs in, mainly, the developing world. Over the last few years EVL has developed several famous monoclonal antibody against different proteins peptides and viruses among these is one which can detect Flu of type Flu A which has subsequently been used in several platforms. This particular antibody has detected all new Flu strains which developed during the last decade. In addition, Dr. van Herweijnen has futher developed tests for antibodies and antigens used in tumour diagnosis and general pathology. In fact over 650 monoclonal are maintained by EVL and used to produce antibodies all which are produced in tissue culture and there after affinity purified.